We offer a wide range of seafood products from sustainable sources that will delight your customers with their flavor, creativity and practicality. Our company is proud to continually adapt to the needs of the modern consumer without changing its values. We believe in protecting the richness of the ocean for future seafood lovers. We see our customers as collaborative partners and believe that integrity always counts.


Our fish selection consists of the finest fish and seafood from the North Sea.

We are able to create with you your menus and suggest seasonal fish or customizable products.

Here is a selection of products offered, do not hesitate to contact us for special requests.


The only Dutch caviar of superior quality. Cultivated sustainably and passionately by a team of experts from the Caspian Sea. Made only from the classic Caspian sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii), this caviar is one of the rarest and most popular types. With more than 25 years of experience, the farm staff of our partner has a special approach to caviar production. Whilst performing their job with great love, quality remains the main priority of the product.


We offer a wide selection of seashells. We deliver among others winkles from Ireland harvested manually, but also hulls and Vongole Verace from Italy.

King Crab (Royal Crab)

The Norwegian red king crab can weigh 8 to 10 kilos. Artisanal and sustainable fishing is subject to strict rules. The colour of a king crab is brown but after boiling becomes bright red. The meat of the thighs and claws has a naturally sweet taste. The crab can be boiled, steamed or fried. The Norwegian red king crab is an absolute delight.

European octopus

The color of this octopus is reddish to pink, the back is darker. The octopus has 10 arms. The maximum length is about 50 cm. Fresh, the taste is excellent and can be fried, boiled or baked. This is one of the most popular delicacies in the world. You can use squid in Mediterranean dishes, but also in sushi or Asian dishes.


Mackerel is a fatty fish that is highly recommended in a healthy diet. The elegant torpedo-shaped fish is rich in essential fats, vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are present in large quantities. The flesh is firm and fat but quite juicy and sweet. It has a greasy smell, similar to that of smoke. Mackerel can be grilled or baked and is frequently sold smoked.


Royal Fish offers a wide assortment of Atlantic and Flat Oysters, from Holland, Ireland and France.


Cod can reach 150 centimeters but measures on average 80 to 90 centimeters. The adult fish has an olive green and brown speckled back, a white belly and a distinctive head. Fresh cod is available from January to September. The cod meat is firm but friable after cooking. The taste of cod is good and the combinations are endless for this fish long considered poor.

Smoked eel

Typically from the Netherlands, a wonderful culture dating back several centuries is developed around this long fish. Each smoking room has its own traditions and are different according to the regions of the Netherlands. Our suppliers smoke this traditional Dutch dish with oak chips, which gives a fine but pronounced taste. Eel is a seasonal product and most eels are caught between April and September.


Royal Fish delivers fresh mussels of different varieties, from the Netherlands to the French Bouchot, all year round. All come from the best growing areas and guarantee an excellent taste and size. About 700 million kilos of mussels are grown each year, of which about 57 million are in the Netherlands. Most mussels are destined for the fresh market and are exported to Belgium and France. The mussels are delicious and healthy at the same time. They are high in protein and low in fat. Also rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. Mussel fat belongs to the category of unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, the consumption of mussels does not lead to an increase in cholesterol levels.

Sea bass

The taste of the sea bass / bass is reasonably mild with a fine structure. Prepare it in many ways, it is advisable to leave the skin on as very tasty when fried. Sea bass is available almost all year round.


The sole owes its name to the elongated shape of its flat body. The sole comes from the North Sea and is one of the most consumed fish between the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (Dover Sole) and France. Because of its sweet and delicate taste, it is a popular fish for the young and the less young. There are many ways to savour this beautiful fish, such as baking, grilling or steaming.


Our lobsters come mainly from Canada, but also from Scotland or Ireland. We also provide our own Netherland bred lobster from the Eastern Scheldt.


The scallop shell with its reddish shell can be 10 centimeters in diameter and has a striking appearance. They are caught by hand in Norway and the Mediterranean.


As its name suggests - "King of Fish" - the turbot is considered one of the best fish available throughout the coasts of France, Netherlands and the British Isles. It white and fleshy meat allows it to be grilled or poached, making it an ideal choice for fine dining.

Latin name: Psetta Maxima
Turbot is grown in Spain and is available all year round. Wild turbot has generally the best availability and value from April to June and from September to November.

Alternatives to turbot are brill or halibut.


Comes from a culture that is both organic, antibiotic-free and healthy: the yellow tail seriole (Seriola Lalandi / Pacific). Yellowtail / Hiramasa / often used interchangeably with his close cousin Hamachi).

Our Dutch yellowtail seriole is a classic for high quality sashimi, toasted or smoked, and an excellent alternative to sustainable development recommended as a "green choice" by the Good Fish Foundation.
Now available fresh from the Netherlands all year round.


In summer, we deliver the delicious Salicornia and sea lavender from the Schorres.

- Shrimps
- Langoustines
- Tuna
- Salmon
- Lotte
- Dorado
- Line fish / small boat
- Farmed & bio labeled fish

As well as a large selection of fish and frozen ready to prepare products.